High Density Lamination Sheets

Decorative Laminates are produced by impregnating multitude of papers including tissue paper, decor paper, barrier paper, kraft paper with resin. The resulting sandwich is fused under heat and pressure. The fusion process creates strong bonds that contribute to our laminates’ exceptional durability. The non - decorative side of the laminate is uniformly sanded by a highly advanced sanding machine which makes it better suited for adhesion. Aggressive quality control checks and procedures are incorporated in the manufacturing process to ensure a high quality product. The range is carefully designed to fulfil huge range of applications from furniture to counter tops to kitchen cabinets, walk in wardrobe, bathroom drawers, office furniture, schools, hotels, living room panels, or greeting you at your door. Our decorative laminate brand is the ideal interior solution. From abstracts to wood grains, from textiles to stones, from gloss surface to textures, from vertical to horizontal applications, we have it all! Abrasion resistant, mild chemical resistant, diverse in finishes, easy clean nature of the product, makes our laminate perfect choice for surface decoration.